Dispatch Product

Dispatch Product



Dispatch Course + Guide

Learn how to master the number to effectively dispatch for carrier!

  • 2 Hour Virtual Course + Dispatch Guide
  • Learn the essentials: Dispatching, Relationship Building, and Understanding the Numbers and more
  • Includes Load Management Template for free
  • Guide with flows and screenshots
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$ 100

Brand new

Load Organization Template Configuration

One Time Configuration

  • MAJOR: Automated "Status Update" Email Notification to Carrier and Broker
  • Driver Pay Calculation
  • Weekly and Monthly Pay Calculations
  • 30 minute phone call to review setup
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Dispatch Guide

Learn to dispatch, using this guide

  • Learn the essentials: Dispatching, Relationship Building, Understanding the Numbers, and more
  • Breakdown ELD hours and how to plan trips
  • Include Pictures and Flow Charts to help learning
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$ 15


Load Managment Template

Google Sheets or Excel Template

  • One organized place to manage loads for your carriers
  • Driver Pay Calculation
  • Break Even Point Calculation
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