About Efficent  Logistics Group, LLC

At Efficient Logistics Group, our clients and their operations are our #1 priority! Allowing us to serve our client needs efficiently and fulfill their needs.

We understand that every shipper and carrier has their own particular set of needs, and we will do whatever is necessary to meet and exceed those needs while maintaining the highest caliber of communication and support.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to give a positive, reliable experience to each and every one of our customers while experiencing a great level of professionalism in the transportation solutions that we provide. Also, we carefully handle the responsibility that our clients and employees, aiming for a safe and secure work environment.

Our aim is to be the principal partner to our clients by helping them to transport their products in an efficient manner. Our customers are the ultimate way to success. We do helping them to deliver their products quickly, efficiently, safely, and maintaining their quality. We’re here to serve you for the best.

Meet the Owner

Tori, Tech Project Manager and Small Business Owner from Chicago, IL. 

Tori works for a Fortune 500 company as a Project Manager implementing large enterprise software development projects. In addition to implementing millon dollar projects, she owns Efficient Logistics Group. She also co-owns C & T Transportation, carrier company. Along with partnership in We Got It Figured Out!, a consultant company aimed at helping people remove various “road blocks” 

She is passionate about simplifying complex tasks through creating efficient and repeatable processes to do great work, in less time!