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Are you looking for a dispatching course that will teach you the basics of dispatching and the cheat codes of industry? Look no further.

Finding the right dispatch course can be difficult. There’s so much information on this $700 billion dollar industry, it can be hard to figure out what is actually needed and what is the right information.

Before starting in the industry as a carrier, I spent hours upon hours researching on google, youtube, reading facebook group posts, and reddit searching for information. In my research I found dispatching was the heart of the business. I also found so many conflicting opinions on the best way to dispatch. There are a number of different dispatching styles, teachers, and “best” ways to receive the information.

This couse + guide is designed to answer all the questions new dispatchers have when first entering the industry. Along with introducing several tricks and tips learned over 3 years in the industry as a successful carrier and dispatcher for multiple carrier companies.

All the tools you need to build a successful business as a dispatcher

Instead of spending hours researching on the internet

Learn tips that you often cannot find on the internet. How do you find carriers? How to understand your carrier’s “number” to choose the best loads? What is the best way to negotiate the highest rate for loads? How to invoice carriers?

Learn how to create multiple streams as income

Learn options available as a dispatcher, beyond finding loads, that will create additional revenue streams including factoring partnerships and revenue back office support.

Money Back Guarantee

If you leave the course confused or frustrated contact me directly at [email protected]. You can expect to receive a response within 24 hours.

What Happens When You Purchase?

After purchasing this course, you will receive 3 emails. 1 email receipt, 1 email that contains the course guide, and 1 email containing the schedule information for the course.

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Before becoming a dispatcher, I worked in the medical industry. This job was completely new and different for me. After taking Efficient Logistics Group’s course and training with Tori for three weeks separately, I started working in this industry with confidence. My first week as a dispatcher I booked $8500 in gross revenue for one truck! This course is very informative and provides a lot of the info needed to start as dispatcher with several cheat codes to help you along the way!

Katrina D

Add Value, you are more than a dispatcher!

Valued at over $1000, this course and guide is available for one time payment of $295. Immediately after purchasing you will receive a 30+ page guide that will introduce you to dispatching. Principles in the guide will be reinforced during the course, along with additional content not offered in the guide.

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  • Save time researching
  • Spend time learning
  • Create multiple streams of income
  • Work efficiently to save time
  • Learn to scale and grow your dispatch offering

“Before taking the course I had done my own research googling and I did a self-paced course which left me with gaps in information. I received hands-on training from someone who has experience in the industry. I learned the effective order to dispatch. I also was taught different tricks and tips that cannot be found on Google searches. This course really prepared me for the job. When I started as a dispatcher, I felt like I had all the needed skills and I felt like I had a head start above the rest!

Taroya M, Taylored Dispatch Services

Dispatch Product



The Course + Guide

Learn to dispatch, using this guide

  • Learn the essentials: Dispatching, Relationship Building, Understanding the Numbers, and more
  • Breakdown ELD hours and how to plan trips
  • Include Pictures and Flow Charts to help learning
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